"Warning! Don't open this book if you've got a weak stomach. Kevin Thomas pulls no punches in this brutally honest rendering of ghetto life in the Bronx. An absolute masterpiece of storytelling."

"This is by far the best novel ever written in the genre of contemporary urban fiction. The story is a monument of insight and imagination. Definitely not suitable as a Christmas present for Grandma."

"This is a beautiful story about America The Ugly. Stoneheart speaks the truth, and the truth hurts. No wonder the government tried to suppress it. I hope the author has tight security."



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Urban Fiction On A Higher Level…

Stoneheart is the chilling epic saga of Allavel Blunt, a man who was never a boy, who rises from the ashes of a burnt out Bronx tenement through the sheer force of his intellect and will to become a self-made millionaire, criminal mastermind, and consummate lover. As he struggles to become more than his environment will allow, he is haunted by Death at every turn. In the end, he must face the Lady that haunts him with the consequences of his past.

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